What Effect Would a Sixth Super Bowl Win Have For Tom Brady’s Cards?

Being that there is no guarantee he even gets a shot, I still wanted to discuss what might happen to cards if Brady wins the AFC championship game with the Patriots coming up, and then goes onto win another Super Bowl to add to his historic total. Right now, Brady is the Babe Ruth of football, already. Would padding his stats do much to his already astronomical value? I think its worth considering. I mean, there are cards out there that are hitting prices that are usually only associated with high grade vintage cards.

Before we get going, I need to show some of these insane prices:

2000 SP Authentic Tom Brady RC PSA 10

2000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady RC PSA 10

2002 Topps Tom Brady Super Bowl Auto Relic /150

Even just normal autos are insane:

2015 Immaculate Collection Tom Brady Auto /10

First off, let me start by saying that any money put into Brady is good money. Unless he is convicted of some horrible crime, he is the best football player to ever have a big presence in the hobby. Sure, he might be ARGUABLY the best player of all time, but he is WITHOUT A DOUBT the most collectible player. There is a difference there.

No matter how you feel about him, the Patriots, deflategate, whatever – he is the person every collector wants to pull in their box, or at least find unsuspectingly in a bargain bin somewhere. The argument against any real impact is that none of that is going to change. He already has the most titles, he already holds most of the more important records. Piling on doesnt really do much in that regard.

Right now, his cards are so fucking expensive, you almost cant buy them. Its cost prohibitive for most collectors to obtain a collection piece worth of being front and center, and that doesnt even begin to cover what is going on with his main rookie cards that have reached a level usually only reserved for Ruth, Mantle and Jordan.

Being that as it may, im not sure there is that much more of a difference another Super Bowl would add long term. Short term always brings casual collectors looking to chase down a card they would normally have no interest in chasing, but outside of the first six months after he wins, its not like a $25k card is all of a sudden turning into a 50k card. Maybe it becomes a 30k card if there is some fluke of conscience by Patriots collectors looking to add to their PC.

I think there are many more hobby implications if any of the 3 other QBs were to win, especially for a guy like Case Keenum or Blake Bortles. I discussed this more in depth earlier this week, and I would love to see someone crazy win the big game. To be abundantly clear, any of the three guys winning besides Brady would be nuts. I cant even imagine for some of them.

As a whole, Im just insanely excited about the coming games, and being that the Super Bowl is in my backyard only makes it more exciting. Hopefully we get some fun finishes and a lot of intrigue leading into the most important sporting event of the year.

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